Robin Cross has written extensively on many aspects of 20th century military history, including the British home front in World War 2, the Soviet contribution to Allied victory in the war against Hitler and the strategic and tactical roles of the bomber.
He is also an experienced and affectionate chronicler  of Hollywood in its heyday, from the silent era to the late 1950s. 

He was an early celebrant of the world of B-movies and has also written a detailed social and studio history of British cinema. 



The Bombers
A history of the bomber from its emergence in dedicated form in World War 1 to the late 20th century. The Bombers is not only about the machines of war but is also an account of the men who designed and flew them, the fighter pilots whose business it was to shoot them down and the civilians whom the advent of the bomber thrust into the front line of warfare.
Published in 1987.

VE Day
A panoramic picture of the closing days of World War 2 seen through the eyes of soldiers and civilians across the world, VE Day  captures the mood of elation, exhaustion and despair which followed the years of global conflict.

Published in 1985.

A UK Top-Ten best seller.

We’ll Meet Again (with Dame Vera Lynn)
A personal and social history of World War 2 which explains much about the British Home Front to those too young to remember and at the same time exercises a strong nostalgic appeal to an older generation who will never forget.

Published in 1989.

A Number One Best-Seller.

Unsung Heroines (with Dame Vera Lynn and Jenny de Gex)
An anecdotal examination of the massive contribution to victory made by women in Europe and the Far East. From the factories and fields of embattled Britain to Japanese detention camps in the Far East, Unsung Heroines celebrates the courage of  ordinary women caught up in extraordinary times.

Published in 1990.

Citadel: The Battle of Kursk
An account of the greatest armoured clash in history and the decisive battle, in the West, of World War 2. This was the battle that Adolf Hitler confessed made “his stomach turn over”. Citadel provides a detailed picture of the battle, from the strategic tug-of-war within the German and Soviet high commands in the agonising months which preceded the offensive to the first-hand experiences of the troops on the ground and the airmen flying over the blazing steppe as the battle reached furnace heat.

Published in 1993.

"absorbing and wholly accessible", The Times.

"a first -rate narrative account that considers strategic context, the developing plans of Hitler and Stalin, and the field tactics of the generals on the scene", Publishers Weekly.

Kindle edition available.

Now republished as a Penguin Military Classic.

Fallen Eagle: The Last Days of the Third Reich
The story of how the eagle was finally toppled from the roof of the Berlin Chancellery and how the Russian bear stretched out a massive paw to clutch a Europe laid waste by five years of war.

Published in 1995.

"Mesmerising, masterful account of the final, bloody weeks of the war" - Sunday Express.

Kindle edition available.

Both Citadel and Fallen Eagle have been published in several foreign editions, including, US, Czech, Japanese, and Russian.


The Battle of the Bulge - Hitler's Last Hope
In December 1944, the German Army launched an attack through the Ardennes forest that aimed to seize the port of Antwerp and cut the allied supply lines, hoping to force the Western Allies either to delay their advance on Berlin or agree to a peace settlement. The Battle of the Bulge: Hitler's Last Hope is a comprehensive history of Germany's last offensive in the West in World War 2, the failure of which undoubtedly hastened the end of the war.
Published in November 2002

The Yom Kippur War - 1973 - Volume 2 of 2 
Written by Simon Dunstan, Consultant Robin Cross

Robin has worked as the consultant on many books, notably the first of Simon Dunstan's two-volume history of the Yom Kippur War.

Published in 2003.

World War 2 (with Charles Messenger and H.P.Wilmott)
A comprehensive (319pp) illustrated history covering every aspect of the conflict, from its origins to its aftermath (Dorling Kindersley, 2004)


Hell Hath No Fury (with Rosalind Miles)
A groundbreaking analysis of the role of women in warfare from the ancient world to the present day, analysing key topics from Cleopatra and Celtic warrior goddesses to modern war leaders like Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher, the part played by women in today's armed forces in both the First and Third Worlds and the contemporary cult of the female suicide bomber (Crown, 2007)


In Memoriam
Remembering The Great War was timed to coincide with the launching of a major exhibition by the Imperial War Museum to mark the 90th anniversary of the ending of the 1914 - 1918 War (Ebury, 2008)


(published in November 2009) is an incisive illustrated single-volume biography of Adolf Hitler from his  birth to the Berlin Bunker, which comes with a 45-minute DVD written and directed by Robin Cross - "The essential biography of one of the most paradoxical and dangerous characters in the history of the modern age", Richard Overy.

Now available in electronic format.

Warrior Women
History has seen many acts of female courage, daring and self sacrifice. In Warrior Women readers will see some familiar names, although treated in an unfamiliar context: the military exploits of Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth 1 and Catharine the Great can all be found here. Also present are lesser known but extraordinary stories, such as the redoubtable British heroine Pearl Witherington who commanded a French Resistance force of over a thousand men during the closing stages of the Second World War, and Susan Travers, the only woman to have joined the French Foreign Legion.

(Quercus 2011, with Rosalind Miles)
History of War
50 key milestones you really need to know - spans 3,000 years of warfare from the chariot to cyber conflict in the 21st century. An essential guide to conflict from grand strategy to battlefield tactics. 

(Quercus spring 2012)
Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare
(Andre Deutsch, 2016, with David Willey)

'One of the best and most comprehensive books on the creation and evolution of the tank. Well worth getting and the removable documents and blueprints only add to the experience'.
Buy this book from Amazon>>


 Military - Some Other Books and Credits

World at War: World War I and World War
   II in Photographs
The US Marine Corps
Heroes of World War II
True Stories of World War II (as Editor)
The Guinness Encyclopedia of Warfare (as
   General Editor)
Aftermath of War
Cities at War
Technology of War
Victims of War
Roosevelt and the Americans at war 



Robin Cross has also written many books on the history of cinema, concentrating on Hollywood in its heyday and the history of British films.

The Big Book of 'B' Movies Or How Low Was My Budget
An in-depth look at over 40 years of low-budget production, from the very worst to the very best churned out by the B-hives on Hollywood’s Poverty Row. 

The Big Book of British Films
Detailed coverage of three crowded decades from the beginning of World War 2 to the end of the Swinging Sixties, a journey which takes the reader from The Arsenal Stadium Mystery to Performance.

2000 movies - The 1940s
One of the most comprehensive visual histories of the Golden Years of Hollywood. If you want to find out more about such classics as Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga or Miss Mink of 1949, then this is the book for you.

2000 movies- The 1950s
A vivid visual record of ten turbulent years in which the face of Hollywood changed for ever.
Robbie the Robot rubs shoulders with Mario Lanza, Mamie Van Doren and Marlon Brando in a pictorial and pectoral extravaganza.

The Life and Times of Charlie Chaplin (with Robyn Karney)
An examination of the life and art of one of the pillars of cinema.

Film - Some Other Books and Credits  

Marilyn Monroe: The Classic Poster Book. 
Stars of the Fifties.
Science Fiction Films.  
The Picturegoer History of the Movies. 
The Movie Star Story (as contributor).  
Chronicle of the Cinema (as contributor).
The Chronicle of the Movies (as contributor).  
Who’s Who in Hollywood (as contributor).
Hollywood Scandals. 
Worst Movie Posters of All Time.




JFK: A Hidden Life
A searching examination, in words and pictures, of the Kennedy legend.
Republished by the Irish Independent in 2006.

Curious London 
A guide to some of the more unusual, and unexpected, delights of the British capital adapted and expanded from Robin’s long-running column in The Sunday Express.
Published in 1996.

The Silver Lining : Britain in Colour , 1945 -1952. 
A colourful picture of life in Britain in the years immediately after World War Two.
Published in 1985.

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